Book Lists


The school has established a new system to order items on student booklists for 2023. We have teamed up with Winc to help make Back to School hassle free.

Ordering is simple, with items delivered directly to your nominated address.

We've made it quick and easy to order your child's new year requirements. Simply visit's-School and follow these four steps.

  1. Enter the school access key 5YY9X.
  2. Complete the student’s details and select the relevant year level.
  3. Review your requirements list and make changes if required. Please note: List items have been denoted by the school as a prerequisite for the year.
  4. Proceed to checkout. Please note: For home deliveries only, if you have more than one student at the same school, please repeat the above steps.

Once completed, an order confirmation will be sent to your email address.

Please note: Any technology items you order may be sent separately.

Deadlines and delivery information

Home delivery:

  • Free Delivery - for orders placed on or before 30th of December 2022.
  • $9.95 delivery - for orders placed after the 30th of December 2022.

Australia Post:

Orders are delivered via Australia Post’s eParcel service. As soon as your order is dispatched, an email will be sent to let you know the Australia Post tracking ID Number. Your order can be tracked at .

Note: PO Box addresses are not accepted by Australia Post.

If you have any questions during this process, you are welcome to contact Winc via the Winc Schools Contact Form or the school on .


In addition to the items that can be purchased online above, the following items will need to be purchased for some year levels. Please source the items yourselves.

Prep only

  • A large bag to carry belongings to and from school (clearly named)
  • Water bottle (clearly named)
  • Lunch box (clearly named)
  • Spare undies and socks in a labelled plastic bag to be left at school (named)
  • Face washer with elastic loop in the centre (named).

Years 3, 4 & 5 only

  • Analogue watch – suggested (not compulsory).

Note also: For all year levels, specific student books and online subscriptions to learning software will be purchased by the school and invoiced in the Term 1 fees.


Families have the option to purchase items on the booklists themselves from local or other suppliers, rather than by the online method above. The booklists of the items supplied by Winc for each of the year levels are downloadable below.

The additional items for Prep and suggested item for Years 3-5 also would also need to be purchased.


All books should be named and covered when students start school.

We hope this new system makes the purchase of booklists more convenient for all families. If you have any queries please contact the school on .